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Home Video Studio is the leader in 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film transfer. We have been tranferring film since 1991 and have transferred literally millions of feet of film.

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We Professionally inspect every every reel of film you give us and make sure it's done right!

Home Movie Transfer in Ottawa, Ontario :

Don't let your family's treasured film memories literally fade away! Home movies have a short-shelf life because of natural deterioration and can be lost forever. Preserve your 8mm, Super 8 and 16 mm films by transferring them to a more long-lasting DVD.

Join the thousands of Home Video Studio customers worldwide who use our state-of-the-art film transfer department. Our professionally trained film technicians personally handle reels and reels of home movies everyday. This film is color-corrected and run frame-by-frame through a computerized editing system before being transferred to a DVD, mini-DV, or hard drive format. Your original film is also returned to you.

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Home Video Studio can transfer the following media:

  • 8mm film transfer
  • Super 8 film transfer
  • 16 mm film transfer
  • Sound film
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Wrapping it up!

Home Video Studio Video pledges to you...

  • To use only the best professional Frame-by-Frame, Digital Transfer video equipment to transfer your precious home movies.
  • To provide you with unmatched professional customer service at a reasonable price for your home movie transfer.
  • To use only the best materials in producing your home movie "Masterpiece."

Look no further. Home Video Studio has the experience, technology and concern for your home movies. We care!

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We use only the best equipment:

Home Video Studio 's Film Transfer Department has taken a big step forward in providing High Definition home movie transfer! We are proud to announce the arrival of our new MWA-Nova FlashscanHD for 8mm, Super-8 and Super-8 sound home movie transfer. Now you can have your film digitized and put on a DVD or a hard drive knowing it's being processed with the state of the art in sound and silent film transfer!

With a completely digital path and the highest quality capturing codec (Apple pro-res 422) your home movies, even in Standard Definition, will look fantastic. And, if you want High Definition to a Blu-Ray DVD we can provide that in a 1280X720 resolution as well!

Another great feature of the Flashscan is its sprocketless transport and laser frame alignment. What does that mean to you? It means no jerky film movement because of damaged sprocket holes. It means you see 100% of the frame even if the film has shrunk.

What about sound? There is no higher quality sound reproduction available.

Contact our Home Video Studio today and ask about Home Movies on HD Blu-Ray DVD.

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12/28/2018 Home Movie Transfer

DVA and team has done an incredible job transferring my family's cherished (yet quite dusty) old VHS tapes to their innovative DVA cloud platform. I'm truly impressed by the services they provide, the...

- Jacob Pasdach from Dallas

11/28/2018 Home Movie Transfer

You guys did a fine, fine fabulous job! My family loved it! ...

- Debbie Britt from Indianapolis

11/19/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Finally decided to begin transferring my 8mm movies to DVD's. Divided the films I took in Korea in the late 50's between a local vendor and the Home Video Studio. Same time period, film, and camera so...

- Ken Fleishaker from Ramsey

11/04/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I located a variety of companies on the internet that provided digital services for slides and movies.I was very reluctant to send my "memories" to some distant address. I saw several ads for Home Vid...

- Gary Stein from Greenwood, IN

09/23/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Some old Kodachrome slides from the 70s were so poorly exposed we thought they were hopeless. The company did a marvelous job of making most of them useful. Thank you....

- Robert Brant, MD from Beaver Falls, PA

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Digital Video Archive & DVA Explainer Video

Home Video Studio can transfer your old videotapes, 8mm film and DVDs to to DVA - The Digital Video Archive Cloud! Watch on your memories on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV! Instantly share your video with anyone in the world for free!

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Come in between Tuesday, January 8th and Saturday, January 12th 2:00 pm, to our Indianapolis studio.

Out of town? You can call or email your order in. Call us at 317-577-8220 or 1-800-660-8273 or email us at Cas@homevideostudio.com.

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We can transfer your old home movies 8mm, 16mm, VHS, Mini DV and other videotapes to DVDs and the DVA - Digital Video Archive Cloud. Share this and receive a 10% discount!


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